a final look at our spring break madness

One final look at our spring break chaos…with a few pics of Owen thrown in for the g’parents!

some of the mess we lived in this week (note the fabulous new floor!)
Owen coping with the mess by watching cartoons from under the table that was moved into our living room. He actually walked around for awhile wearing the shoe that is behind him in this pic…Chris was so proud!

the dining room floor progress

laundry room floor progress….note the seafoam painted walls which were about to go!

no door! The most nerve wracking time of the whole week was me praying Chris could replace the door. I should’ve had a little more faith in him because 90 min later he was finished!

Voila! This is my favorite part of our renovations! He just has to put the trim in and it will be complete!

having breakfast in the middle of the mess!

a random picture for the fam! Owen’s sporting his outfit his grandparents sent him from Hawaii….too cute!

painting the laundry room to match the kitchen and dining room

Owen hiding in the mess

Owen’s efforts at cleaning up the mess

bye bye carpet!

another random pic for the fam!

one last look at the carpet

the new floor in progress

the finished product!

another view

the finished product

It was a hectic and busy spring break but it was totally worth it! Now, we’re just waiting on our counter top to be cut and installed and the renovation will be complete!

Never a dull moment….

I guess I should preface this story by saying that we are beginning to make an attempt at potty training Owen. He has a potty seat that we regularly put him on (unsuccessfully I might add) and we talk a lot about going to the potty. I guess that’s what prompted him to do what he did today. He laid down at his regular naptime of 11:30 this morning. He usually lays back there singing for awhile before going to sleep so I thought nothing of it when he began to sing. When he was still singing an hour later, I started to wonder if he would ever go to sleep. I had checked on him periodically and found him either playing in his crib or standing up talking to his stuffed animals. So, I just went about my business. When he was still awake and chanting his version of the abc’s (which goes a little like S! O! U! A! C! B!) at 1, I was starting to lose hope. Then at 1:45 I heard him whining which is highly unusual for him. So, I headed back to check on him and this is what I found…..

yes that’s all his blankets and pillow that he threw out of the bed piled on the floor…..yes he’s naked….and yep, that’s his diaper he’s pointing to on the table next to his humidifier.

My first thought was oh no! He took his diaper off and peed in the bed! Well, that’s the thought I had when I finally stopped laughing. Anyway, I checked the bed and he it was completely dry. Then I checked the diaper he had just removed and it was wet. So, apparently the little genius peed in his diaper and then proceeded to take it off and dispose of it. He started whining when he realized he needed a new diaper and couldn’t get out of the bed to reach one. Once I put a diaper on him and returned his blankets and pillow to the bed, he laid down and went right to sleep….only 2 1/2 hours after I first put him down for a nap. So, as I was saying before…there’s never a dull moment!

Outdoor Fun

We have had a great time the past few days getting out and enjoying the warm weather. Owen is a big animal lover so we took him out to Uncle Josh and Aunt Missy’s to see them feed the cows. He woke up from naptime in a bad mood so he was a little skeptical of the cows. Here are a few photos of our time there.

Owen loves to play outside and gets very upset when it’s raining or too dark to go out. We’ve really enjoyed spending lots of time outside over the past few days. Here are a few shots of our fun.

taking a time out to eat supper

getting down and dirty in the sandbox

checking out the new tools we bought at Wal-Mart

It’s a rainy day today so we’re hoping for clear, sunny skies soon! Stay tuned for a hilarious post of what Owen did at naptime today.

Spring "Break"!?!

Sorry to have been absent from the blog for so long….things have just been hectic and crazy around here lately. I thought things would settle down once Follies was over but we’ve yet to catch our breath. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he lives to plan his next home improvement project. His teaching career gives him just enough breaks during the year to feed his obsession. So, as we were approaching spring break he began to plan his projects…..and I began to plan the coping strategy. While I love his eagerness to improve our house I dread living in a construction zone…especially with a toddler. We got out for spring break Friday afternoon and by today this is what has already taken place.

yes folks….that’s our kitchen table in our living room….along with toys…mail…and miscellaneous junk….
the first project is to lay tile in our kitchen, dining room, and laundry room…so here’s a glimpse of the work in progress..

trying to keep Owen out of trouble (unsuccessfully) in the living room

a glimpse at the dining room in progress

our chaotic kitchen

our refrigerator residing in the doorway

our old floor

the new floor….

another view of the disaster zone…

The tile is slated to be completely finished by Tuesday morning and then it’s on to removing our sliding glass patio door and replacing it with the new french doors that are eagerly waiting in our garage. Next, we’ll pull up the carpet and Chris will lay the new wood floor in the living room and down the hall and then paint and replace the trim in all the affected rooms and still have a little time for some landscaping. Who needs a break!?!
Stay tuned for more pictures of the work and pictures of Owen playing outside enjoying the warm temperatures!