Spring "Break"!?!

Sorry to have been absent from the blog for so long….things have just been hectic and crazy around here lately. I thought things would settle down once Follies was over but we’ve yet to catch our breath. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he lives to plan his next home improvement project. His teaching career gives him just enough breaks during the year to feed his obsession. So, as we were approaching spring break he began to plan his projects…..and I began to plan the coping strategy. While I love his eagerness to improve our house I dread living in a construction zone…especially with a toddler. We got out for spring break Friday afternoon and by today this is what has already taken place.

yes folks….that’s our kitchen table in our living room….along with toys…mail…and miscellaneous junk….
the first project is to lay tile in our kitchen, dining room, and laundry room…so here’s a glimpse of the work in progress..

trying to keep Owen out of trouble (unsuccessfully) in the living room

a glimpse at the dining room in progress

our chaotic kitchen

our refrigerator residing in the doorway

our old floor

the new floor….

another view of the disaster zone…

The tile is slated to be completely finished by Tuesday morning and then it’s on to removing our sliding glass patio door and replacing it with the new french doors that are eagerly waiting in our garage. Next, we’ll pull up the carpet and Chris will lay the new wood floor in the living room and down the hall and then paint and replace the trim in all the affected rooms and still have a little time for some landscaping. Who needs a break!?!
Stay tuned for more pictures of the work and pictures of Owen playing outside enjoying the warm temperatures!

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