Never a dull moment….

I guess I should preface this story by saying that we are beginning to make an attempt at potty training Owen. He has a potty seat that we regularly put him on (unsuccessfully I might add) and we talk a lot about going to the potty. I guess that’s what prompted him to do what he did today. He laid down at his regular naptime of 11:30 this morning. He usually lays back there singing for awhile before going to sleep so I thought nothing of it when he began to sing. When he was still singing an hour later, I started to wonder if he would ever go to sleep. I had checked on him periodically and found him either playing in his crib or standing up talking to his stuffed animals. So, I just went about my business. When he was still awake and chanting his version of the abc’s (which goes a little like S! O! U! A! C! B!) at 1, I was starting to lose hope. Then at 1:45 I heard him whining which is highly unusual for him. So, I headed back to check on him and this is what I found…..

yes that’s all his blankets and pillow that he threw out of the bed piled on the floor…..yes he’s naked….and yep, that’s his diaper he’s pointing to on the table next to his humidifier.

My first thought was oh no! He took his diaper off and peed in the bed! Well, that’s the thought I had when I finally stopped laughing. Anyway, I checked the bed and he it was completely dry. Then I checked the diaper he had just removed and it was wet. So, apparently the little genius peed in his diaper and then proceeded to take it off and dispose of it. He started whining when he realized he needed a new diaper and couldn’t get out of the bed to reach one. Once I put a diaper on him and returned his blankets and pillow to the bed, he laid down and went right to sleep….only 2 1/2 hours after I first put him down for a nap. So, as I was saying before…there’s never a dull moment!

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