Weekend Warriors….alternately titled Moments of Insanity

When you’ve got company coming in 7 days….what else should you do but destroy half of the house in home renovations!?!

last glimpse of this horrifying wallpaper…that matches the green countertops….that matches the green hardware….oh my!

glimpse of the 1/2 bath in progress

last glimpse of the green wallpaper in the 1/2 bath….that matched the green countertop…that matched the green hardware….oh my!

Here’s hoping in 7 days we can get the house put back together, cleaned from top to bottom, and set up for company to arrive. Shouldn’t be a big deal unless we let working 3 jobs between the two of us, taking Aiden to the doctor in Little Rock, and running the kids to AWANA, choir, gymnastics, church, etc. get in the way!