The misadventures of Eli the Elf

Our Elf on the Shelf Eli has been very busy this year.  Here are just a few of the places we’ve found him:
{ making snow angels in sugar}
 {playing with stickers}
 {having a little fun with marshmallows}
 {he even colored our milk red}
{having a little fun coloring}
Owen loves running around the house every morning looking for Eli!

Black Friday continued

Our Black Friday shopping extravaganza included a trip to Dallas to see Chris’ beloved Toronto Mapleleafs play the Dallas Stars.  We had a great time and it was funny to see so many Canadians in Texas!

We continued shopping in Dallas and were able to find Aiden’s coveted Mousie…aka Mickey Mouse.  I’m so excited for him to see this on Christmas morning!
 We had a great time together but were glad to get home to our boys.  Owen is so into Christmas this year and had been begging to put up our Christmas tree since well before Thanksgiving.  When we got home we put up all of the Christmas decorations and got the kids little trees for their rooms.  They had such a good time decorating their trees and it has definitely kept their hands off the big tree in the living room.

 Owen had to pose his big animals beside his tree for a picture.
 I went crazy with the deco mesh this year and have a little bit everywhere.

 I was in the kitchen washing dishes and when I came back Owen had done a little decorating of his own.
 To round out our busy Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed one last turkey dinner at our neighbor’s house.  The boys had a great time checking out their piano.

Black Friday 2011

I’m very blessed to be married to a man who likes to shop….especially when shopping involves a challenge.  Chris and I are hardcord Black Friday shoppers.  We started our Black Friday tour at our local WalMart for the 10 pm sale.  After we survived that we came home and slept a few hours and then went to Shreveport to continue shopping and finally drove on to Dallas to shop some more and stay overnight.  We had such a great time and have such great stories to tell of our experience!
Below are a few pictures of the mania at WalMart:

We emerged successful 2 1/2 hrs later after an interesting experience that involved Chris sprinting across the crowded store in a race against 100 other crazed shoppers.  The things we do for our children!

The boys…an update

It’s  been awhile since I’ve updated on both boys and what they’re up to these days. 
Starting with the random.  I’m hoping someone in blogland can tell me what’s wrong with my Aiden.  For more than a month now he’s had this situation going on with his cheeks.  They have red bumps on them that are very red at times and other times just bumps.  They never go away though.  It doesn’t seem to bother him but it’s kind of strange.  He goes for a well baby visit in a couple of weeks and I intend to ask the doctor then but I was just hoping someone had a similar experience and could give me some insight before then.

 Moving on….Owen is majorly into drawing these days and will just sit and draw in a notebook for a long time.  I just love looking at all of his pictures.
This one is a dragon
 I believe this was an ant….or a donkey!?!  He continues to write the “N” backwards in his name just for kicks.  When he writes other words he always does it the correct way.  He’s just quirky like that.
 Owen with two of his favorite people in the universe….his beloved Miss Brooke and his BFF Landon.
 Owen wrote a letter to Santa the other day.  All he wants is a sailboat and he seems to think Aiden needs a game.  He’s very excited to go mail his letter on Friday.
 a lion and a tiger
 Aiden is very into coloring and especially loves to color in his Mickey Mouse coloring book.
 We had another Pinterest weekend last weekend and had the best time making different things.  We made the cinnamon Christmas ornaments but they didn’t turn out so great.  Notice the hole in Owen’s jeans.  Every pair of jeans the child owns have holes in the knees….life with boys!
 Our Pinterest koolaid popcorn…so good and so addictive!
 Our Pinterest Santa pancakes…a big hit!
 Someone ate every bite!
 Owen made a Santa with stickers on the table all by himself.  Look closely and you’ll be able to see it.  I was very impressed.
 We went to a fun birthday party at an indoor pool over the weekend.  The kids had a great time and the place was really cool.

 My little swimmer boys.  Owen is still swimming so well after being on swim team last summer.  We’re already looking forward to next season.  Aiden did really well too and was just swimming like a little fish around the steps.

 They got really cute treat bags that had make your own ornament kits in them.  So they went to work as soon as we got home.

 I had to throw in one last shot of Owen in the lazy river.  This place was too cool with two olympic sized pools and a lazy river in the middle.  They had two great water slides but the kids were too small to go on those.

All in all a fun but busy weekend!

Thanksgiving 2011

I’m just a little behind on the updates.  We had a great Thanksgiving with the family.  Everyone came to our house and we had food spread out on every surface.
food as far as the eye can see!

 the dessert table

 We had a lighter crowd than usual but everyone visited and had a great time!

 Owen got his hands on my phone and wanted to take pictures of everyone.  The rest of these pictures are from him…not bad if you ask me!
 Missy and Josh
 Baby Keira
We ate lots of food and enjoyed good fellowship!  Thanksgiving was the start of a very busy weekend for us.  More updates to come!