Happy Birthday Grammy!

Today is Grammy’s birthday and in honor of her special day we had a little morning photo shoot. Here are the absolute latest pics of the boys just for you!

We hope your birthday is extra special and we can’t wait to see you in December!

We love you Grammy!

Reed’s Birthday Party

My nephew Reed turned 1 this month and had a birthday weekend extravaganza!

Reed and his smash cake (notice Owen watching him like a hawk!).

He had a farm animal themed party and Melissa made a pig and cow cake for the guests.

Aiden stretching his legs…

playing with toys at Nonnie and Papaw’s

the birthday boy

the funniest face ever!

enjoying his first french fry

opening gifts

the birthday boy sporting his new hunting vest

Happy Birthday Reed!

Grow Up Day…the aftermath



Note to self: Never send your 3 year old boy to school wearing a new suit (that is dry clean only). It’s highly likely he will get into a dirt fight on the playground with two other boys.
The End.

Grow Up Day

Owen’s preschool had “Grow Up Day” one Friday where all the kids dressed like adults. Owen wore his new suit and one of Chris’ ties. He looked so cute!

Back to School

Owen started preschool this year. He is loving his teachers and new friends and is learning a lot. Here’s a picture on the first “official” day of school (he went for 2 weeks while we had inservice before school officially started).

He had to have a spiderman lunchbox and backpack this year. He’s never seen a spiderman movie, book, etc. but he’s obsessed. I guess it’s just part of being a boy!
We’re looking forward to a great year of preschool!

Aiden – 8 months

Aiden…you’re 8 months old! I’m so far behind on posting now that you turned 9 months last weekend but we’ll get to that soon.

There haven’t been too many changes since your 7 month post. You don’t go for another well baby checkup until next month so I’m not sure how much you weigh these days (definitely more than 21 lbs!). I just know that you’re getting heavier by the week and I can’t carry you for very long until my arm nearly gives out.

You’re still eating and drinking the same amounts. You’re starting to sleep a little better and only waking up once per night most nights. We’ve tried eliminating your middle of the night bottle but you shut that down pretty quickly!

You’re starting to wear mostly 12 month tops and 6-9 month bottoms. You’re still in size 3 shoes and diapers.

The most exciting thing that happened during month 8 was that you started crawling! You’re getting faster and more adventurous every day. You’ve started babbling more and will imitate us when we make sounds.

You’re definitely giving Owen a run for his money because you’ve started crawling over and taking his toy or knocking down his block towers. It’s been a good lesson for Owen to have to share and play with you.

You’re little personality continues to grow and develop each day and it’s so much fun watching you grow into a sweet little boy. There’s not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t stop us and say how sweet and laid back (and BIG) you are!

We love you Aiden!

Look out…..

….Aiden’s on the move!

Aiden started crawling this past Saturday (9/11/10). He had been scooting around backwards for awhile now and getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. Chris and I were standing just inside the kitchen discussing what he had left to do that day when here came Aiden slowly crawling into the kitchen! I was so glad that we were both standing there to see him take those first few paces. In typical Aiden fashion, he only crawls when he really wants something and there’s lots of grunting and rest breaks involved!

Gotta love that chunky monkey!

Pics coming soon….I promise!