a final look at our spring break madness

One final look at our spring break chaos…with a few pics of Owen thrown in for the g’parents!

some of the mess we lived in this week (note the fabulous new floor!)
Owen coping with the mess by watching cartoons from under the table that was moved into our living room. He actually walked around for awhile wearing the shoe that is behind him in this pic…Chris was so proud!

the dining room floor progress

laundry room floor progress….note the seafoam painted walls which were about to go!

no door! The most nerve wracking time of the whole week was me praying Chris could replace the door. I should’ve had a little more faith in him because 90 min later he was finished!

Voila! This is my favorite part of our renovations! He just has to put the trim in and it will be complete!

having breakfast in the middle of the mess!

a random picture for the fam! Owen’s sporting his outfit his grandparents sent him from Hawaii….too cute!

painting the laundry room to match the kitchen and dining room

Owen hiding in the mess

Owen’s efforts at cleaning up the mess

bye bye carpet!

another random pic for the fam!

one last look at the carpet

the new floor in progress

the finished product!

another view

the finished product

It was a hectic and busy spring break but it was totally worth it! Now, we’re just waiting on our counter top to be cut and installed and the renovation will be complete!

2 thoughts on “a final look at our spring break madness

  1. Oh it looks great!! I am sure you are enjoying it!! We remodeled our kitchen last summer!!! What a Mess- like the eating out- but really got burned out on it!!LOVE your BLOG!!

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