Weekend Recap

Weekend recap from iPhone photos:

 Aiden is such a ham!  He just craacks us up every day.  I just can’t get enough of this “cheese” face!

 Reed came over Friday night and they had an intense game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

 Chris took the kids to Mulegating Saturday for SAU Homecoming while I worked at a Carseat Check Up Clinic.  They had a blast!

 I joke all the time that Aiden is my girl.  He is so sweet and funloving but if you make him mad….watch out!  Here’s a couple of pictures of him in full “attitude mode”!

 Back in silly mode again!

 Saturday night we went to some baseball events at the university.  Chris played in a Homerun Derby for Alumni and had a great time.  The kids loved watching the action!

 Chris up to bat.  He hit one over the fence!  Not bad for someone who hasn’t played baseball in years!

 Aiden loved watching daddy play!

 Sunday started off great with a great sermon at church and a fun lunch where all the kids actually behaved.  Once we got home we got bad news about Chris’ aunt and found out there was a major fire blazing in area.  The fire claimed over 200 acres and several structures and county equipment were claimed in the fire.  The highway was actually shut down due to the fire jumping the highway as you can see in this picture. 

We’re so thankful that rain is in the forecast tonight!

Distinguished Speak Series

Chris and I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to hear  John Walsh speak at the Distinguished Speaker Series held at the university.  We were able to meet him during a Meet and Greet and hear him speak about how he came to where he is in his life.  He was very interesting and definitely made me go home and hug my babies a little tighter!  On a lighter note, he was much shorter that I expected!

Go Panthers!

The Panthers have their big Homecoming game this Friday night.  The boys have been showing their team spirit every Friday!

 I took Owen and his friend Grant to the last home game and they had a blast!

Weekend Recap

   Last week was the week of the stomach virus.  Poor Aiden was the one who got it at our house.  He was sick from Tuesday through Friday.  Before the end of the weekend, Nonnie, Papaw, Missy, and Reed all got it.  Lots of hand sanitizer and prayer kept the rest of our house from getting it.                                  

Poor Aiden spent the week like this….
 I had the boys plus Reed on Saturday since it was spreading through the rest of the family.  Little did we know that Reed would get it later that night.

 Today is Thanksgiving in Canada so we celebrated over the weekend.  Here’s a glimpse of the 23 pound turkey that we’ll be eating until the US Thanksgiving!

 Our neighbors came to help us eat all that food.  Aiden and Caroline spent a lot of time playing on the IPAD.

 Sunday afternoon we got out and enjoyed the warm breezy weather by getting blizzards and visiting the animals at the SAU farm. 

 So glad this guy was finally feeling better!

 It’s impossible to take a normal picture of Owen anymore.

We came home and the boys kicked their boots off and ran barefoot through the yard.  Aiden spent a lot of time watering the flowers.

 Partners in crime!

 Aiden spent a lot of time running through the waterhose until he was good and soaked. 

 This picture was taken after Aiden ran through the water hose and was good and soaked.  He took his buddy Reed for a ride in the tractor.  Too cute!

We had a fun weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and eating too much turkey!  We’ve got a busy week ahead with another fun-filled weekend to round it off.