It’s been a crazy busy summer with lots of travel, fun, and change. ┬áThe best change is that we have moved and have great internet finally after having very limited service for several years so I hope to keep this updated more now. ┬áLots of posts coming soon!

Blossom Festival




The annual Blossom Festival was held recently and we all had a good time. It was crazy hot and Evan was not liking the heat so we had our fun and went right back home. We had festival food for lunch, the kids played in the children’s area, and we checked out Owen’s art in the art show. It was a fun day!

Evan – 5 months












I can’t believe my sweet baby is 5 months old. Here’s the 5 month stats:
Evan you weigh 18 lbs and are 24 in long. You’re in the 75th percentile for weight but down in the 20th for length. Your big old noggin is in the 98th percentile.
You are still nursing (yay me!) and still can’t tolerate cereal!
You wear 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
You drool constantly! You also love your pacis and chewing your fingers.
Your ball and giraffe are your favorite toys and one time you rolled from your back to your belly.
You’re not really motivated to roll over much but that’s ok. We’re not rushing you with anything.
You just love to sit in my lap and would sit there all day if you could.
You love your brothers and they make you laugh all the time.
You’re so strong and will grab anything that gets close enough.
You’ve had 4 respiratory infections in your short life so we are staring you on daily Claritin.
You’re just so full of joy and have made our family complete!

Mother’s Day 2013





I had a great Mother’s Day with my sweet boys! Owen made me a gift at school and he was so proud of it. He colored the bag it was wrapped in and made a bottle of soap with his picture inside that he decorated. We had a great day at church and had my mom and grandmother over for lunch. Later in the week the boys took me shopping and out to dinner in Texarkana. We had a blast!

District Art Show




Owen loves art and is pretty good at drawing and creating. Dr. Ochs and his pottery class from SAU came to the kindergarten and taught the kids about pottery and helped them make mud huts. The district art teachers incorporated their work into the district art show. The theme was Arkansas: The Natural State. Owen’s class drew snakes that can be found in Arkansas also. He was very excited for us to go check out his work at the art show. It was a lot of fun and impressive to see what the older kids had done.

Aiden – preschool closing program




Aiden had his preschool closing program a few weeks ago. He was so excited after watching Owen participate in the program previously. They were supposed to sing a few songs before accepting their certificate but they all suddenly became shy and just stood there like statues. It was pretty entertaining. He’s had a great first year of preschool. Mrs Ashley and Mrs Amber have been great teachers and he’s had fun with his best friends Aiden Ainsworth, Knox, Reed, Pete, and Carson.

Choir closing program



Owen had his choir closing program a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe this was his third year of choir and first year in the primary choir. He had a great year with his director Shelly Cheatham.