District Art Show




Owen loves art and is pretty good at drawing and creating. Dr. Ochs and his pottery class from SAU came to the kindergarten and taught the kids about pottery and helped them make mud huts. The district art teachers incorporated their work into the district art show. The theme was Arkansas: The Natural State. Owen’s class drew snakes that can be found in Arkansas also. He was very excited for us to go check out his work at the art show. It was a lot of fun and impressive to see what the older kids had done.

Aiden – preschool closing program




Aiden had his preschool closing program a few weeks ago. He was so excited after watching Owen participate in the program previously. They were supposed to sing a few songs before accepting their certificate but they all suddenly became shy and just stood there like statues. It was pretty entertaining. He’s had a great first year of preschool. Mrs Ashley and Mrs Amber have been great teachers and he’s had fun with his best friends Aiden Ainsworth, Knox, Reed, Pete, and Carson.

Choir closing program



Owen had his choir closing program a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe this was his third year of choir and first year in the primary choir. He had a great year with his director Shelly Cheatham.



Baseball season is here again. Owen is in his second year of tball. It’s amazing how much better all the kids are compared to last year. He is playing for Evonik Foams and has a great coach. Chris is helping with the team and they’ve had a great time.


Of course the little boys needed coordinating outfits to wear to cheer on their big brother.



Evan – saga of the rice cereal



Poor Evan. He’s mucho grande and showing all the signs of being ready to eat but his poor tummy is not on board. When he turned 4 months old we started rice cereal. He gobbled it up like a pro but 30 minutes later he was screaming in pain and continued to scream for hours. This happened every time we tried no matter what time of day, what consistency, what kind, or what amount. Add in terrible constipation and its become a hot mess. He is now coming up on 6 months old and still can’t tolerate the cereal or anything else for that matter. To be continued….

Easter part 2

Evan was not impressed with the egg hunt.

The boys each got a new bible, coloring book, and a little candy. Evan got a pack of bibs and spoons since he was coming up on 4 months and being able to eat cereal.





We had a great day together celebrating our risen Savior!