Mr. Casanova

Owen has an enormous slight crush on a girl his age that he knows from church and school.  She invited him to her birthday party this year and he was so excited to go.  While I was getting ready to take him to the party he asked me if he could make her a card.  I gave him a piece of paper and a marker and went about my business.  He asked me how to spell her name but other than that worked quietly by himself.  When it was time to go he mentioned something about our phone number so I checked out what he had written in the card.  Mr. Casanova apparently thought he should give her his phone number and had already written “I love you” in the card.  He had also drawn flowers and balloons.  He was so proud of his card and carried it proudly to the party.




I fear the teenage years!

Fair Fun







The boys have been talking about going to the fair since the fair ended last year.  They were very excited to get to go this year and we were hopeful that Aiden would be brave enough to try some rides out (unlike last year when he was terrified).  I tried to get a good picture of them going in but that’s pretty much impossible these days.


Aiden loved the rides and this train was his favorite.  He rode it over and over and is still talking about it.



Mr. “I don’t like sweets” discovered a sweet he loves.  He ate that cotton candy like somebody was going to snatch it from him any minute.  He’s too funny!






There was a small roller coaster that the boys really loved and rode several times.  This is the only picture I have of Owen riding any rides or enjoying the fair.  A large group of his friends were there and he spent most of the night riding rides with them while we just followed along behind the group.  He’s growing up too fast for me!






The fair was tons of fun and they’re already talking about what they want to ride and do next year!

A new set of wheels


Owen had outgrown his bike and Aiden had been riding a hand me down tricycle that had seen better days so last weekend Chris surprised them with new bikes.  Aiden was too cute learning to ride his new “big boy bike”.  Owen was thrilled that the new bike had a kickstand which is apparently a hot commodity when you’re 5.  They’ve put many miles on the bikes and are hoping the weather will just cool off and stay that way to make riding more enjoyable!