Silly Boys

Looking for trouble in the Christmas tree…


This next one needs an explanation….

I was cleaning out the boys closets and getting clothes out of the attic to assess their summer wardrobe options. Owen was being “helpful” and digging through the pile of baby summer clothes when I turned around to see him wearing this. It’s a size 12 month overall shorts outfit…..that fits him pretty well with his bone thin I only eat enough to stay alive 3 year old body. I asked him to put his hands on his head in a pose that will surely come in handy at some point during his teenage years…
trying to get a decent shot of the boys after church is nearly impossible…

semi-real smile….super fake smile……..

Oh how I love my silly boys!

Snow Day 2011

We’ve had a typical southern winter this year with record high temperatures one day and record lows the next. Case in point, after wearing short sleeves and playing outside with the kids all day one recent Saturday we experienced snowfall the next morning as we were preparing to leave for church. The snowfall resulted in us missing 2 days of school (and now extending our school year into June). It was pretty while it lasted!

What’s a boy to do when it’s snowing? Ride his tractor of course!

We enjoyed staying in our pj’s and playing inside for a few days….

one last look…

It was a fun few days!

Special Delivery

All Owen wanted for Christmas was a big green tractor that he could drive. Santa heard those sweet wishes and delivered! Since we would not be home for Christmas and Santa couldn’t fit that big green tractor on his sleigh with all the other toys, he had to deliver it early. He left Owen a letter in the mailbox explaining the situation and left him a big surprise outside.

**Chris installed a 3 point restraint seatbelt for Aiden so that he could ride and Owen was driving slow!**

Happy Birthday Aiden!

I’ve determined that I’ll never quite catch up with the blog so I’m posting Aiden’s birthday pictures from 3 months ago. Better late than never right?

Aiden had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party which was immediately followed by Christmas with my family and then Chris and I had a Christmas party to go to. Such a busy day but it was a lot of fun!

Aiden’s birthday cake was made by the fabulous Laura Imler. It was the exact replica of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and tasted as good as it looked.

opening gifts

sweet Reed

opening gifts…notice the helper in the right corner

another shot of the cake

first taste of cake! Aiden does not like cake or anything sweet for that matter so he only took a few bites and then let us know he had had enough!

enjoying the birthday song and the paparazzi!

playing with his new tunnel

We had a fun day celebrating Aiden’s first year!

Christmas 2010

I am waaaaaaay behind on the blog so I’m making it my goal this week to get caught up as much as possible. I’m starting with some pictures of our Christmas decorations. I currently having zero pictures of our Christmas because we were in Canada and the battery died on my camera and of course I left the charger at home. We did get some pictures but they are on other cameras so I’ll have to post them later 😦

my little elf wearing a vintage stocking on his head and checking out some of the decor

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Aiden’s birthday, what he’s doing these days, a special gift from Santa, and many more!