drooling and crying and mischief, oh my!

The weather has been so nice lately that we’ve gotten in a habit of playing outside after dinner and then going for a ride in the wagon. Owen rides in his wagon better than he ever did in a carseat or stroller. He yells at passerbys but other than that he enjoys a nice relaxing stroll in the wagon.

This is Owen’s disapproving look…..we’ve seen it a lot lately.

I love this picture…..

The poor child seems to be cutting every remaining tooth in his mouth all at once. He’s a fussy, drooling, crazy mess these days. He woke up at 6:00 this morning (as opposed to the usual 7:30 or 8 o’clock wake up) just full of it. He was screeching, cranky, and looking for trouble. When Connie got here this is where he was……

so we’re adding electrician to the list of potential careers because he is obsessed with cords and outlets (particularly this one). So that brings the list to: dentist, rock star, janitor, and electrician. There’s a story behind each of those career options that I’ll have to save for a later post 😉

We got a new entertainment center to house or new tv this week. This one has three doors on the front so, of course, Owen didn’t waste anytime trying them out!

Well, it’s been a very long day and tomorrow looks to be even longer so I’m off to bed!

til next time………………..

back in business!

I finally got a new camera! I’ve been trying to take some new pictures of Owen but unfortunately he walks toward the camera everytime he sees it so I end up with a ton of pictures of his forehead or his mouth. Here are a few that I successfully took of him this week.

He loves the guitar and totally understands that when you push the buttons something is supposed to happen on the tv. He dashes across the hall after his bath to play some tunes (hence the nakedness)

He’s such a climber these days and has recently discovered that he can climb on the coffee table. Here’s my conversation with Chris afterschool on Friday.

I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and Owen was supposedly in the living room watching Super Why (it’s like hypnosis for toddlers).
Chris came in the door after school.

Chris: What’s Owen doing?
Me: He’s probably trying to climb on the coffee table.
Chris: He’s standing on the coffee table.

Notice he’s still watching tv as he’s standing on the table…..such a man!

Hopefully I’ll have a little more success this week getting some pictures so stay tuned!

under construction

I know I’ve been missing from the blog lately and my loyal readers (all 5 of you!) are going through Owen withdrawals. Unfortunately, we never found our camera so I think it’s a goner. We’re going to be getting a new camera in the next two weeks. I’m planning on taking a ton of pictures of Owen’s latest tricks and getting into a better blogging schedule. We’ve had a fun and busy summer and are sad to see it come to an end. Chris started back with inservice today. The kids start next Monday so I get to enjoy this week of just me and Owen before I go back to work too.

Owen has been a busy boy this summer and has really shown a growth spurt in his cognitive development while his physical development has stayed the same. He’s walking, running, climbing everywhere and is exhausting to keep up with sometimes. He’s learned to climb onto the furniture now so we’re constantly serving as “spotters” in case he takes a tumble.

He’s really affectionate (which I love) and loves to give hugs and big wet kisses. He knows what he wants and will yell at you (literally) in his own language until you figure out what he’s talking about. He’s particularly passionate about cleaning (don’t know where he could get that from!) and is happiest with me when I vacuum or sweep. His language development has not quite caught up with everything else. His expressive vocabulary pretty much consists of “daddy” which comes out as “daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” It’s too cute to hear him say it. Although, we’ve suspected that he’s trying to say the word “sit” for a few weeks now and this morning I heard him clearly tell Emma to sit. When Emma’s being rowdy and jumping up we always say “sit Emma!” so he hears it alot. He has conversations and entire monologues that sound very serious and meaningful. Unfortunately, they’re not in a language we understand!
The therapist in me has to tell you that he can follow 1 step directions without a model and has a great grasp of the concept of object function.

He’s not the best eater in the world so we’re currently struggling with getting him to eat more than cheese or peanut butter. His favorite foods are currently: cheese sandwiches, peanut butter toast, chicken strips, french fries, mandarin oranges, pineapples, and crackers of any kind. We were able to transition him from the lactose free milk to regular whole milk with no problem last week. He’s a major milk lover so we know he’s at least getting some nutrition from his milk.

I’ve included some pictures in this post that Melissa took while we were out working at Nonnie and Papaw’s house last week. Owen loves going out there and playing in the dirt. We’ve learned to dress him accordingly which will explain his outfit in these pics. Enjoy!

just another ranch hand!

doing some light gardening

the “crew”

the house

There is still a lot of work to be done but they’re inching closer and closer to the move in day!