Weekend Wrap Up

We’ve had a fun and busy weekend full of time with family and enjoying the beautiful weather.
Thursday night I took Owen to a gospel concert and we had a great time.  We enjoyed some great Southern Gospel music and Owen enjoyed practicing his choir director skills.

 Friday we went to look at some vehicles for Chris after school.  The boys enjoyed running laps around the car with some balloons.

 Chris had a fabulous weekend because he got a new truck!

 After 10 years of driving the Neon they had a moment together before saying goodbye.

 Driving the new truck home!

 We went to eat before heading back home.  We let the boys sit on the same side of the booth for the first time. They actually did well and were so hungry after being at the car dealership for several hours.  Owen ate nearly an entire child’s cheese pizza and corn (gross but that’s what he wanted) and Aiden ate some onion rings, half his pizza, all of his oranges, and half of my french fries.  They were starving!

 The rest of the weekend Chris helped my sister and brother-in-law put some flooring down in their new house.

 Today is Chris’ birthday and he decided to go back out and help finish the flooring.  The boys and I went to church and then enjoyed Happy Meals for lunch.

 After naps, I took the boys to run around and enjoy some fresh air.

 We had a great time enjoying the weather and visiting some animals.

Hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend filled with sunshine and time with family!

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