Catch Up

The last time I posted anything was at the end of January.  That was the exact time that MJCL Follies began and my life turned upside down.  Now that it is officially over ($50,000 raised!) I’m trying to catch up.  I’m going to break every blogger rule and do an iPhone photo dump in order to quickly catch up.  So, you’ve been warned…..long post of photos ahead!
 first time sitting together in a restaurant booth….they did great!
 picnic and a movie night!
 making cookies
 Aiden loves to wear hats
 this is typical Owen…..he stayed like this for a long time watching tv

 such a cheeseball
 a few photos from Owen’s class Valentine’s party

 Aiden checking out the toys at the preschool.
 This kid LOVES yogurt!
 Cousins make the best buddies!
 Owen;s handwriting is coming right along.
 having fun at a birthday party
 Aiden’s babysitter took the kids on a field trip one day and they had the best time.
 enjoying a Happy Meal with a friend from daycare
 Aiden loves the dog cage at Missy and Josh’s house.
 A glimpse of the Owen that we know and love for all those who only see him going 90mph.
 Owen found a new favorite outfit while we were getting out our summer clothes.
 someone dressed himself 🙂
 He loves this bike helmet and just cracks me up with this face!
 A few follies pictures thrown in for good measure.
 This is what consumed my life for 6 weeks.
 Some of my Thriller peeps!
 Someone is a big fan of toast with Nutella too!
 This is Aiden’s superhero pose 🙂

 The boys had a great time playing in the extra Follies props!
 Owen’s sailboat with sun at the top.  It had a steering wheel and a pirate!
 Aiden doesn’t look like a baby anymore 😦
This has been a week of milestones for little Aiden.  He is officially potty trained and he started sleeping in his toddler bed.  He’s doing great with both!
Whew!  That is the end of the post with too many pictures!  We have a lot of fun things coming up and I hope to be back before 6 more weeks pass!

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