On the Move!

Waiting to go outside

“helping” with the laundry

a mishap from playing with the laundry basket (he was mostly irritated with me because I was laughing so hard and I made him wait while I took a picture before I rescued him!)

my solution to keeping him occupied while I cook

He went from sitting down to this position in less than 30 seconds and stood there for over a minute trying to work his way around the table

On the move!

So, we now find ourselves saying “why did we want him to crawl so badly!?!” It seems that he only spent one day content to crawl and now all he wants to do is pull up. I’m amazed at what he finds to pull up on. He’s bumped his head several times already and I find that I’m exhausted at the end of the day from trying to keep him away from the stone on the fireplace and the iron on the coffee table. What were we thinking when we bought furniture with so much iron?

Owen is 8 months old today! It’s hard to believe the time has gone by so fast. He’s so independent these days and his little personality is coming out. We are having so much fun. Just in the past month it seems that we’ve gotten to the really fun stage where he can play with toys and laugh and be silly. Every day is more fun than the one before. It makes all of those sleepless nights in the beginning so worth it to be at this point. Although I do miss my sweet little newborn at times!

Owen is still not sleeping very well but his eating has improved this week. We introduced meats over the weekend and he seems to like them. Today he ate all of his food and drank all of his formula which was a first. We also introduced a sippy cup over the weekend and he really seems to like it. He’s taken all of his juice and some of his formula from his cup and he seems to enjoy the new independence. Over the past 3-4 days he has really started talking more and more. He’s making lots of /g/ and /b/ sounds these days. He’s such a character! Tonight he discovered that he could stand up in the tub so now we’ve got a new problem on our hands. As I write this he’s waving a little mini golf club around and chatting Chris up about something very important. Stay tuned next week for a new and exciting Owen adventure!

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