ready for spring!

The weather was so nice over the weekend so we took Owen outside to experience grass, dirt, leaves….all the “boy” things he’s been missing out on since it’s been cold. When I first sat him down in the grass he gave me a dirty look but once he realized he could pull the grass out of the ground that was it….he fell in love!

venturing out across the yard

Lots of people were out walking the farm road and people did a double take when they passed out yard and saw Owen just crawling like there was no tomorrow across the grass.

Rocking my new hat that we got on Saturday in Shreveport

You can barely make out the bruise he has under his left eye in this picture. Since he thinks he’s able to do more than he actually can, he’s taken a few falls and he hit his face on the coffee table. We have since removed the coffee table from the living room because this is the second bruise in the same spot from that table.

Drinking from my new cup

Nonnie and Papaw bought Owen this rather large green frog for Easter. They decided to give it to him early since he likes to lounge on the floor so much. It’s perfect for taking a break and having a drink!

Owen discovered the air conditioning vent in the hallway and that’s his new obsession. Whenever the mood strikes him, he stops what he’s doing and crawls down the hall to play the “accordion” on the vent.
Daddy put him in his “cage” a.k.a. the play pen to keep him occupied and he was playing his great escape using the two teeth that he has now

Demonstrating his pulling up powers before his mean mommy and dady took the coffee table a.k.a. “the iron table of death” out of the living room
rocking his new sunhat during a very brief break from destroying things
Our poor child has had thousands of pictures taken of him in his short 8 months so every time he hears the camera beep on he smiles and crawls toward it resulting in lots of pictures with this pose!
Driving his “boat”
This kept him occupied for quite some time. Notice his mouth is open in lots of the pictures…..he’s quite the motormouth and has taken to squealing at things and people. He rocked back and forth in this basket for a long time until he eventually turned it over. He didn’t even cry. He just laughed and kept going…I think he’s gonna be a tough guy.

So, to sum it up. Owen is quite the ham these days. Chris and I are running ourselves ragged trying to keep him out of things and I’m starting to worry that his first word is going to be “Owen no!” because that’s all we seem to be saying! It’s so fun to watch his little personality come out. Stay tuned for more great adventures!

One thought on “ready for spring!

  1. Loved the pictures and the blog. I had just come from visiting him when I looked at my mail. I tood some really cute pictures!!!! He so sweet and happy. LOVE YOU NAN

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