Black Friday continued

Our Black Friday shopping extravaganza included a trip to Dallas to see Chris’ beloved Toronto Mapleleafs play the Dallas Stars.  We had a great time and it was funny to see so many Canadians in Texas!

We continued shopping in Dallas and were able to find Aiden’s coveted Mousie…aka Mickey Mouse.  I’m so excited for him to see this on Christmas morning!
 We had a great time together but were glad to get home to our boys.  Owen is so into Christmas this year and had been begging to put up our Christmas tree since well before Thanksgiving.  When we got home we put up all of the Christmas decorations and got the kids little trees for their rooms.  They had such a good time decorating their trees and it has definitely kept their hands off the big tree in the living room.

 Owen had to pose his big animals beside his tree for a picture.
 I went crazy with the deco mesh this year and have a little bit everywhere.

 I was in the kitchen washing dishes and when I came back Owen had done a little decorating of his own.
 To round out our busy Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed one last turkey dinner at our neighbor’s house.  The boys had a great time checking out their piano.

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