Weekend Recap

Weekend recap from iPhone photos:

 Aiden is such a ham!  He just craacks us up every day.  I just can’t get enough of this “cheese” face!

 Reed came over Friday night and they had an intense game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

 Chris took the kids to Mulegating Saturday for SAU Homecoming while I worked at a Carseat Check Up Clinic.  They had a blast!

 I joke all the time that Aiden is my girl.  He is so sweet and funloving but if you make him mad….watch out!  Here’s a couple of pictures of him in full “attitude mode”!

 Back in silly mode again!

 Saturday night we went to some baseball events at the university.  Chris played in a Homerun Derby for Alumni and had a great time.  The kids loved watching the action!

 Chris up to bat.  He hit one over the fence!  Not bad for someone who hasn’t played baseball in years!

 Aiden loved watching daddy play!

 Sunday started off great with a great sermon at church and a fun lunch where all the kids actually behaved.  Once we got home we got bad news about Chris’ aunt and found out there was a major fire blazing in area.  The fire claimed over 200 acres and several structures and county equipment were claimed in the fire.  The highway was actually shut down due to the fire jumping the highway as you can see in this picture. 

We’re so thankful that rain is in the forecast tonight!

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