MDST 2011

[Looking over the blog, I realized that this post never published in July when it was scheduled…better late than never!}

We signed Owen up to be on the Dolphin Swim Team this year for the first time. He’s learned so much and really likes it. We’ll definitely do this again next year. When he started he looked like he was having a seizure in the water and now he can swim a lap with minimal assistance from his coach. He has not competed in the swim meets this year but will next year. He goes every day for practice for the months of June and July. I took these pictures when they had their fun day the Friday before the 4th.

I’m so glad we signed him up! He needs something structured to do every day or he just gets a little out of sync. This has been great for him and he really enjoys it! Thankful that we have this available in our town.

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