Aiden – 9 months


I uploaded these pictures of Aiden last weekend and scheduled them to post later in the week after his well baby visit with the intention of going back and adding his latest stats. Of course, the week got crazy and I forgot about it. So, I’m taking the opportunity to add Aiden’s latest stats to the photos this weekend. Better late than never!

Aiden – You’re 9 Months Old!

You’re full of life and personality these days. You’re crawling faster and faster and getting braver and more curious which has kept us very busy. You like to crawl around the house until you’ve seen what each one of us is doing before you decide who you’ll stay next to. You’re trying to pull up on the furniture but can only get up to your knees so far. I just know in the next few weeks that you’ll start pulling up to stand. You love to stand up and hold onto the couch or our hands. You’re growing WAY too fast!

You’re still the most easygoing and laid back little man I know. You balance out our family well. You take a lot off your brother and usually take it in stride but when you do get your feelings hurt…look out! You throw yourself face down onto the floor and cry big crocodile tears as if your life was over. It’s pretty funny to watch! You love your brother and always want to be a part of what he’s doing…whether he wants you to or not!
You love taking baths and being outside. You had a great well baby checkup this past week. Here’s your latest stats:
weight: 22 lbs 12 oz
height: 29 inches
sleeping: you’ve slept much better this past week (thank you Jesus!). You like wearing footed pajamas and laying down with your stuffed puppy and puppy blanket with your music turned on
eating: you eat everything in sight! you eat 1 jar of baby food for breakfast and then 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner. You cry after you finish your baby food at dinner as if you’re still starving so we’ve gotten in the bad habit of giving you some puffs or wagon wheels to munch on so that we can eat our dinner
development: you’re starting to wave a little and clap your hands…too cute!

You’re definitely a mama’s boy and don’t want me to leave the room you’re in….ever! You usually follow me around crying a little until I stop and pick you up. I’m definitely getting an upper body workout carrying you around while I do things around the house.

You always wake up so happy in the morning and just excited about life. We love you Aiden and look forward to watching you continue to grow!

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