Aiden – 8 months

Aiden…you’re 8 months old! I’m so far behind on posting now that you turned 9 months last weekend but we’ll get to that soon.

There haven’t been too many changes since your 7 month post. You don’t go for another well baby checkup until next month so I’m not sure how much you weigh these days (definitely more than 21 lbs!). I just know that you’re getting heavier by the week and I can’t carry you for very long until my arm nearly gives out.

You’re still eating and drinking the same amounts. You’re starting to sleep a little better and only waking up once per night most nights. We’ve tried eliminating your middle of the night bottle but you shut that down pretty quickly!

You’re starting to wear mostly 12 month tops and 6-9 month bottoms. You’re still in size 3 shoes and diapers.

The most exciting thing that happened during month 8 was that you started crawling! You’re getting faster and more adventurous every day. You’ve started babbling more and will imitate us when we make sounds.

You’re definitely giving Owen a run for his money because you’ve started crawling over and taking his toy or knocking down his block towers. It’s been a good lesson for Owen to have to share and play with you.

You’re little personality continues to grow and develop each day and it’s so much fun watching you grow into a sweet little boy. There’s not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t stop us and say how sweet and laid back (and BIG) you are!

We love you Aiden!

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