Aiden – 5 months

Aiden you’re a busy boy these days! You’re definitely coming into your own. In the past few days you’ve decided that you’d rather be upright than just laying around so thanks to the cool Hugga-Bebe we got as a shower gift you’re enjoying spending time in the jumper.

and sitting up in chairs

and sitting up in your Bumbo seat

until you fall asleep eating your cereal!

You’re our happy rolie-polie jolly little Aiden-bug!
Here are your current stats:
weight: somewhere in the 14 lb range
clothes: 3-6 months with size 2 diapers
feeding: taking 6 oz of formula every 3 hours like clock work! We give you cereal at supper time and you tolerate it but I’m looking forward to being able to offer you more variety with baby food
sleeping: sleeping in your own bed but getting up 1-2 times a night to eat
Things you love: sitting up, watching cartoons with Owen, playing with your rings, snuggling with your night-night, being outside, being tickled, taking a bath
We’re enjoying every day with our jolly little Aiden!

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