back in business!

I finally got a new camera! I’ve been trying to take some new pictures of Owen but unfortunately he walks toward the camera everytime he sees it so I end up with a ton of pictures of his forehead or his mouth. Here are a few that I successfully took of him this week.

He loves the guitar and totally understands that when you push the buttons something is supposed to happen on the tv. He dashes across the hall after his bath to play some tunes (hence the nakedness)

He’s such a climber these days and has recently discovered that he can climb on the coffee table. Here’s my conversation with Chris afterschool on Friday.

I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and Owen was supposedly in the living room watching Super Why (it’s like hypnosis for toddlers).
Chris came in the door after school.

Chris: What’s Owen doing?
Me: He’s probably trying to climb on the coffee table.
Chris: He’s standing on the coffee table.

Notice he’s still watching tv as he’s standing on the table…..such a man!

Hopefully I’ll have a little more success this week getting some pictures so stay tuned!

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