Evan – 4 months


It’s been a wild few months and I am so far behind on the blog. Our house is for sale, end of the year activities, tball, swim team, work, etc has just about snowed me under. There are 4 more days of school and then we will have a chance to breathe. I am finding that it is very difficult to have 3 little kids and work full time while giving the kids everything they need and keeping the house running. If summer break wasn’t around the corner I might be on the verge of a breakdown. Sweet Evan is along for the ride. He is growing too fast!





At 4 months Evan weighs 17 lbs. He discovered his feet and has mastered the art of rolling from his belly to his back. He is so happy all the time and is such a joy! He’s still a terrible sleeper but we’re managing. He is still nursing primarily (high five to me) and we attempted to introduce rice cereal but it tore up his stomach so we discontinued that after several tries. He is wearing some 3-6 month clothes but mostly 6 month and wears a size 3 diaper. He loves his brothers and likes to play with his ball. He drools constantly and chews on his hands so I think its safe to say we’re entering the teething phase.

We sure do love our sweet Evan!

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