Our Week


My funny guys


Owen started soccer this year and is loving it. He gets to run, run, run and we’re all loving how easily he’s going to sleep every night!


So handsome!


The tooth fairy made her first visit to our house Thursday night. Owen was so excited!


Friday was Character Day at Owen’s school. He went as Pete the Cat Rocking In My School Shoes. They had a great pep rally and had such a fun day!


That’s Owen’s teacher in the pink. She was Pinkalicious and had made 244 pink cupcakes that his class delivered to each classroom in the school. She is pretty amazing and he’s had such a great year in her room.


Someone was happy to have Casual Friday!


I tried putting Evan in his crib for naptime today and that went over well for about 30 minutes. He was NOT happy when he woke up and realized he wasn’t in one of his usual spots.

We had a great week and its shaping up to be a nice weekend. One more week of school and then Spring Break!

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