Valentines Day



Valentines Day was a whirlwind with both kids having parties at school that required valentines, teacher gifts, and decorated boxes. Owen made an alligator box that was fun to make.


Aiden made a monster that we made at t


I made these for Aiden’s class. This is the idea I found online but not the picture of the final product. Apparently I didn’t take a picture of Owen’s either. We attached a pencil to a card that said “you’re just WRITE valentine”. These were so easy and we’ll definitely be doing that again.

We gave the boys a small treat bag with snacks, silly bands, pencils, and PEZ. Aiden is still carrying the empty PEZ dispensers around because he thinks theyre



Owen had a fun party in his class and then we jetted over to the preschool for Aiden’s party.




Aiden had a fun party that included a visit from the mailman who taught them about mailing valentines and they got to check out the mail truck.

It was a fun day!

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