Under construction

This is the kind of mess Chris gets me into with all of his handyman stuff.

Our house is for sale and we had replaced all of the outdated appliances in the kitchen already with the exception of the stove. To make our house more sellable we knew we needed to replace the stove. The only problem was that our original stove was a drop in which is the most expensive and often hard to find of the types. We wanted to replace it with a slide in but in order to do that we would have to cut our granite countertops to remove the strip that ran behind our old stove. Instead of paying an expert to cut our expensive countertop Chris thought he could do it himself. It was the messiest and loudest learning experience but after a lot of praying (from me) and perseverance (from Chris) it was finished! I’m still cleaning granite dust our of cracks and crevices!


The finished product turned out nice!


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