Christmas 2012



We had a great low-key Christmas this year.  We were scheduled to make the trip to Canada but had to cancel that with having a baby so close to Christmas.  We’re looking forward to spending time in Canada this summer and again next Christmas.  So we decided with a new baby, the flu running rampant, and the busyness that the holiday season usually brings we needed to be as low-key as possible this year.  We went to Uncle Mike’s house Christmas Eve as per tradition and had a great time.  In the above picture Chris was getting smothered by Aiden and Reed who were sharing the iPad.


Evan got lots of love from everyone including Reece.


Owen, Aiden, and Reed tearing open gifts from Nan.


We came home from Mike’s and the boys had cookies and milk while Chris read them the Christmas story from the bible and then they opened their matching Christmas pjs.


Once the big boys were tucked in bed, Mr. Evan came to life and ended up staying up until midnight while Santa worked.


Owen’s stocking stuffers, books, etc.


Evan’s gifts from Santa and his stocking.  Santa brought him a crib mirror, teething toy, and football. In his stocking he had several teething rings and a toy to attach to his carseat.


Aiden’s stocking stuffers, books, and Thomas the Train toy from Santa.


Owen’s haul from Santa.  He got the Imaginext Batman cave, Jenga, Legos, a song machine, and lots of art supplies.  He also got books, socks, underwear, and an army costume that Santa got on clearance after Halloween.


Aiden’s haul from Santa.  He got a basketball, an indoor basketball goal set, legos, Thomas the Train, and a playmat.  He also got books, socks, and underwear, and a fireman costume that Santa got on clearance after Halloween.  Their big gift this year was a basketball goal.  Unfortunately the weather was yucky on Christmas Day and pretty much every day since then so they haven’t gotten to play with it much.



I was worried that they would get up and go see what Santa had brought before we could get up and go with them so they slept in our room with me and Chris slept on the bunkbeds in their room.  This is the picture of their excitement right before we let them go look. 





They were too funny. Owen ran and immediately tore into everything he could get his hands on.  Aiden grabbed the basketball and that was good enough for him.  We had to encourage him to look at his other things.  Chris had to help Aiden open his gifts and encourage him to keep going.  He was overwhelmed.  Owen had no trouble opening everything and was so proud that he could read who each gift was from by himself.


Since Evan was so awake Christmas Eve and was passed around so much by family he was just exhausted Christmas Day and literally slept until 8:00 that night except for when he would wake up to eat.





Evan’s haul from family, mom and dad, and Santa.  In addition to the things he got from Santa he got two stuffed animals for his crib that play music, womb sounds, etc. as well as books, a music toy, and several teething rings.




Even Chris got in on the DJ action!


On Christmas Day afternoon we headed to my parent’s house for Christmas with them. Mom let the kids decorate her tree this year and Owen had added the white sign that said “get presents here”.




While we were there it started to sleet and then very quickly turned to snow. We quickly finished up opening gifts and hit the road to get back home before the roads got slick.



The boys played outside in the snow for a little bit when we got home.  Naturally the next day it was gone. I’m hoping it snows again in January or February so Owen won’t  be disappointed.  He wants so badly to play in the snow and build a snowman.


We ended the day relaxing together watching Madagascar 3 and having popcorn by the fire.  Perfect end to a great day!



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