Owen is at such a fun age.  He’s learning so much and is so sweet and loving.  He loves kindergarten and it’s fun to watch him grow and change.  Here’s a couple of pictures from his class Christmas party.  I’m a room mother along with my great friend Kimmy.  We have too much fun planning the parties for these kiddos.  Instead of the usual treat bag with candy and junk we got all of the kids a book.  They were a big hit.


Owen has a fantastic imagination and is always coming up with crazy things.  This is a cardboard dinosaur that my mom got that you’re supposed to color and mount for 3D art.  Owen decided it made a good costume.


I asked him to put all of the toilet paper and paper towels that we had gotten at the store in the cabinets where we store extra things like that.  He spent several minutes devising a way to haul it all in one trip using a blanket.  Always scheming and planning!


After he put everything away he asked me if he could cut up the sacks.  Before long he had crafted this concoction which he said was a chicken costume and the bags were his feathers.  He even got a marker and drew chicken feet on the top of his feet.



He loves to write and draw and especially does so now that he can read and write more words.  He brought me this note the other day and I just had to take a picture of it to remember what a sweet boy he is.  I’m hoping I can look back on this when he’s a moody teenager and remember why I love him so much.


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