Fall Photo Dump Part 2

As promised, photo dump Part 2!  Hang in there, lots of pictures to follow.

We’ll start with Halloween.  Owen was a policeman and Aiden was a prisoner this year.  They were too cute!

We had a great time hitting up all of the trunk or treats at the churches and then hit up the carnival at a local church.

Aiden is such a goofball.  This picture just cracks me up!



I made “Pumpkin Poop” for Aiden’s class party.  It was the easiest and most cost effective treat to make for a preschool with nearly 40 kids in the two classes combined.

Aiden had a fun party at his school.

The kids participated in the election at each of their schools.  Too bad their votes didn’t count!


Another birthday party!  This time for Aiden’s other buddy Knox.  I caught him taking a break with his BFF at the party and thought they were too funny. 

A day of parties and playing outside led to this little boy being pooped!

Owen had a Parent Day and Thanksgiving feast at his school.  We got to participate with them in their class activities and then go to their feast in the cafeteria.  It was lots of fun.

An Indian with an identity crisis (notice the pilgrim hat).  Ha ha!

Painting with my two buddies!

We put up our tree over the weekend since we have a busy week/weekend ahead of us.  The boys were very into the decorating this year.

Such a helper!

And now we’re all caught up!  We have a fun week/weekend planned with Thanksgiving with the family, Black Friday shopping, and final baby preparations.  Only 17 days til Evan arrives!







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