Fall Photo Dump Part 1


In an effort to catch up, this is the first in a series of photo dumps I’ll be doing to get the blog up to date.  Hang in there, lots of pictures to follow!  These first ones are from Crazy Hair night at AWANA.  The picture below is Aiden with his BFF Aidan.  They are best buds and too funny!




The fire department visited Aiden’s preschool and he got to go on a ride on the top of the truck.





We went to the Dixie Maze in North Louisiana and the kids had a blast!





Puzzle time with daddy



Aiden went to his first football game and really enjoyed it.  He wasn’t sure about the game and was worried about “those boys pushing each other” but he was a big fan of peanuts and a sprite.



Birthday parties galore!  This party was for Aiden’s BFF.




…..and then this happened.





A solid week later he still looked pitiful.  His face finally went back to normal but bless his heart he’s the most accident prone kid I know so this won’t be the last major incident I’m sure.



We had our Sunday School class fall party.  The kids had fun roasting hot dogs on the fire and we went on a hayride.



Chris carved a pumpkin with the boys for the first time and they loved it.  They just weren’t so sure about touching the inside.





Owen had his class Halloween party at school.






He won an award for the pumpkin decorating contest.





That’s his black cat pumpkin at the top!

Stay tuned.  Photo dump Part 2 coming soon!

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