Owen – age 4 1/2

 playing “Bro. Stan”

I came around the corner one day and found Owen doing this.  Typical Owen!

These two pictures certainly sum up what Owen is like at 4 1/2.  He is hilarious and growing like a weed!

The following are things I want to remember about Owen at this age:

  • He still has an unhealthy obsession with Bro. Stan.  We have to play “Bro. Stan” often which results in me being the choir and he directs me.  He is always finding things to use to direct his choir.  Maybe a future Minister of Music?
  • Owen is a little Macgyver.  He is always finding ways to rig something up, tie something together, etc. We considered getting him some rope and various kinds of tape for Christmas knowing that it would thrill his soul.  I’m still thinking we should’ve done that.
  • He LOVES building things.  Legos, Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks, etc. are his most favorite toys and he is so OCD about how things look. He stresses over everything being perfect.
  • Owen loves to sing and remembers words to songs he’s only heard one or two times. We find him singing songs that he heard on the radio weeks before and he remembers most of the words.
  • Of all the cartoons currently on tv, Owen prefers to watch Tom and Jerry, Gumby, and Fat Albert.  Cracks me up!
  • Owen has changed a lot during his 4 year old year.  He’s gotten taller and looks more and more like a kindergartner every day.
  • His language skills continue to improve and he’s asking lots of questions these days. 
  • He loves to learn and loves to look at books.  He’s majorly into drawing and writing words these days.  He spends lots of time wanting to draw people and wants to know how to spell lots of words.
  • He is very loving and has been going through an extra loving stage at the moment.  He tells us he loves us at least 25 times a day and wants to give hugs and kisses constantly.  
  • Owen still doesn’t eat a lot and mealtimes are a big struggle but it’s getting better slowly but surely.
  • At age 4 1/2, Owen weighs 42.5 lbs and is 43 inches tall (just 10 lbs heavier than Aiden).
I’m enjoying this stage and his eagerness to learn.  While I’m definitely sad that he’ll be going to kindergarten next year, I’m excited to watch him go through those big changes that I know he’s more than ready for.  We sure do love our sweet Owen!

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