Aiden – age 2

I’m so behind on blogging but I’m determined to catch up tonight.  Here is the first in a series of posts I need to catch up on.

These two pictures completely sum up Aiden at 2 years old.  He is the happiest kid I’ve ever met.  He exudes joy and you can’t help but be happy when you’re around him.  He never misses an opportunity to say “cheese!” and has been known to say it if I’m holding my phone to check email or text and he thinks I’m taking his picture.  He is starting to climb more and turning into more of a big boy.  He is the complete opposite of Owen which is honestly a little refreshing at times.  I can sum Aiden up in a list of adjectives:

  • shy
  • sweet
  • joyful
  • easygoing
  • cautious
  • cuddly
  • loner
  • loyal
  • mama’s boy
  • baby
Aiden is just our baby that’s the only way I can put it.  We aren’t pushing him to the next milestone like we did with Owen and so we just let him be the baby.  That may come back to bite us later but for now it’s just fine.  He is rarely seen without his “banks” that he’s holding in the second picture.  He is the biggest fan of Mickey Mouse I’ve ever met and sees them as comforting.  When he’s upset or just needs to be alone he begs for “mousie in woom!”.  He loves to go in our room and lay on the bed with his banks and a milk and watch his “mousie”.  He plays well with Owen, adores him, and can often be seen copying his every move but he really likes playing alone.  He doesn’t seem to like a lot of commotion and attention.  He’d rather just be doing his own thing.  He is VERY verbal and we’re always amazed at the sentences that he puts together.   We are working on potty training and he’s doing fairly well.  He’s highly motivated by Mickey Mouse stickers (no surprise there!) and has made a lot of progress in the last few days.  
That’s about the only milestone we’re pushing forward on.  Other than that we just let him be the baby.  We have no plans to move him to a toddler bed anytime soon and we let him drag his banks everywhere we go and always have  milk on hand.  
The rest is just a few facts I want to remember for later:
weight: 32 lbs
height: 34.5 inches
things to remember: Aiden drinks a gallon of milk per day that we’re home….should’ve invested in a dairy cow!
*struggles with some probable environmental allergies and excema
We just can’t imagine what our family would be like without our sweet Bubba!

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