I’m just now checking out some new Blogger updates so it’s taking some getting used to.  I definitely like being able to upload more than 5 picture at a time but I was used to having to upload them backwards to make them appear in order.  Now, you don’t have to do that but I didn’t realize it until I uploaded these pictures so bear with me!
This past week was the county fair.  We had a great time but were all fair’d out by the end of the week!
Working backwards here….Saturday night we took the boys to the Ultimate Bullriding Challenge.  We all had a great time and they loved watching the cowboys.  Chris took Aiden home after the bullriding and I stayed and let Owen ride a few more rides before we called it a night.

 The next few pictures are a series of Owen’s dancing moves as he tried out his glowing cowboy hat necklace.

 The boys made fast friends with some other kiddos who were watching the show.

 Typical picture….Owen is trying to “super cheese” smile and Aiden looks worried.

 Aiden is not the daredevil that Owen is so he had no interest in riding any rides.  He actually wanted to ride the carousel but as soon as I put him on the horse he got upset.  He ended up riding with one hand on the horse and the other hand death gripping my shoulder.  This is the look he had on his face the entire time. Priceless!

 Owen checking out some ducks.

 Aiden LOVED the animals and squealed and yelled at them.

 {This one makes me smile}

 I love Aiden’s shocked look!

 Never too young to support your local candidate!

I have to close with the story of Owen’s party hat.  We walked in the fair parade for League and the boys rode in the wagon.  While we waited in the 100+ degree heat for the parade to start Owen found this party hat on the ground.  The float in front of us had a birthday party theme and evidently one of them had dropped their hat.  He picked it up and ended up wearing it throughout the entire parade, at the fair that night, and then to school the next day, and choir after that.  That party hat made for a happy boy for more than 24 hours!

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