Aiden – 18 months

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday you were our tiny little peanut that had to be weighed every week because you were so small. Now you’re such a big boy and changing so much every day.
At 18 months, Aiden….
  • is 30 pounds
  • is 33 inches long
  • is finally learning to run but still can’t run very fast
  • is climbing on our furniture….and falling off…*sigh*
  • still loves to eat and will try anything
  • doesn’t like strawberries or fish sticks but that’s about it
  • doesn’t really like to eat breakfast…he’ll eat a little dry cereal and a bite or two of bacon but has a strong dislike for pancakes, donuts, etc.
  • is a milk addict….and we’re his enablers……he would drink milk all day and all night long if we’d let him
  • loves to play outside
  • has to have his blanket “Banks” when he’s sleepy or upset
  • is my little tech guy…he is fascinated by computers and has recently starting doing the Wood Puzzles app on my IPAD
  • has great language skills (makes my little speech pathologist heart so happy!)
  • follows directions well
  • is so laid back….to a point and then look out!
  • can be a bit of a bully (I blame Owen…haha!)
  • says the following words consistently: mama, dada, O-wah (Owen), hot, da (dog), up, out, bye bye, night night, uh huh, mine. He is good about trying to imitate words that we say
  • is an ok sleeper now that he has tubes in his ears
  • still wakes up at least 1-2 times per night
  • likes to nap
  • is a TERRIBLE car rider…..we can’t go more than 15 minutes down the road without him freaking out. This has been hard because we like to go, go, go and especially like to travel to see family
  • is not as lovey as his brother….we have to beg for hugs and kisses most of the time
  • loves Emma
  • adores Owen and wants to do whatever he’s doing whether he likes it or not

Aiden is our sweet, squeezable, precious Bubba and we love him to pieces!

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