Snow Day…Again

Earlier in the week there had been mention of some possible snow for the end of the week. I didn’t pay it any attention because we get that from time to time and then nothing happens. By Thursday the forecast was calling for snow and we were under a winter storm warning for the following day. The next morning we awoke to the phone ringing off the hook at 6 am with people calling to let us know that school had been cancelled…..AGAIN! We had a great time playing and spending time together without all of our usual obligations.

These pictures are not in order so bear with me!

he can’t even sit up all the way in all of those layers!

It’s the Michelin Man!

lots of snow!

suiting up!It was only 24 degrees so we spent a lot of time playing inside

the view from the front porch

Owen wanted me to take a picture of his horses. He carefully lined them up and then the horses had to approve the photo after it was taken.

there was lots of wrestling….

he’s so excited!

the view from the back porch

They’re calling for another winter storm this next week. I’ve enjoyed the snow and the fun that we’ve had but I sure am ready for summer!

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