Aiden – 11 months

As usual, I’m a little behind. Aiden’s birthday is in 2 weeks and I’m just now posting his 11 month update. Maybe I’m deep in denial. This first year has gone by faster than I was prepared for and I’m a little sad that my little Aiden is almost officially a big boy.

I would be drowning in a puddle of tears if these pictures weren’t so stinkin hilarious! So enjoy!

look at that dimpled booty and that big belly!

Aiden – 11 months:
height/weight: unsure…somewhere in the 22 lb range for weight
clothes/diapers: you’re wearing size 18 month shirts and either size 6-9 or some 12 month bottoms
eating: we switched you to whole milk since we’ll be traveling over your birthday and the holidays and wanted to switch you while we were in our own country with our healthcare system just in case you had an allergic reaction (similar to what happened last time we left the country). You’re doing great with whole milk and juice these days and pretty good with a sippee cup. We’ve pretty much transitioned away from baby food and solely to table foods and you’re doing well with that too. You haven’t met too many foods you don’t like. You definitely prefer to eat things you can feed yourself and of course prefer fruits to vegetables. You recently discovered that you can throw your food down to Emma so we’re working on that.
sleeping: you still wake up anywhere from 1 to 3 times per night….but you wouldn’t be our child if you slept all night so we’re used to it
development: you’re really starting to get around by cruising along the furniture but you still don’t seem anywhere near ready to walk (maybe that’s just wishful thinking). You’ve recently started dancing and it’s too funny to see you bopping along to music. You are obsessed with the Leapfrog musical letters on the refrigerator and spend a good portion of your day in the kitchen playing with them. You clap and wave bye consistently and love to imitate sounds that we say. You still think Owen is the funniest person alive and just light up when he shows you love and attention. Your laughing at him even when he’s doing something undesirable is a little bit of a problem but we’re working on it!
You’re so full of joy and so loveable!
We love our sweet Aiden!

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