Aiden – 7 Months


You’re 7 months old! You’re growing and changing so much every day! Here are the latest stats:

weight: 21.5 lbs (75th percentile)
height: 28 inches (75th percentile
clothes: 6-9 months and some 12 month shirts
shoes: size 3
diapers: size 3
eating/drinking: 6 oz bottles every 3-4 hours and 1 jar of Stage 2 baby food at breakfast (with cereal), lunch, and dinner. You LOVE to eat and your favorite baby food is vegetable beef dumpling dinner (sounds disgusting but you inhale it every time!)
sleeping: no changes to report here….still waking up twice a night to eat. You go to bed very easily (hoping that this lasts!). Just give you the paci and a blankie for each hand and turn on your music and you’re good to go!
development: you’re personality is really exploding. You are so jolly and funny and you just love to watch your brother run and play. You’ve figured out that you can move around more so you’ve started scooting around on your back and rolling to get where you want to go. You love to jump in your jumpie and just crack us up with how serious you look when you’re jumping nonstop!

We love you Aiden!

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