Toronto Zoo

We’ve had a busy fun-filled summer so I’ve seriously neglected the blog. So, I’m attempting to pick up where I left off with out trip in Canada. We had the opportunity to visit the Toronto Zoo while we were there. It was colder than we expected that day so we had to grab some blankets and bundle up. It eventually warmed up a little more and was a nice day. Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo:

riding in the Zoo stroller….notice Aiden sleeping bundled up behind Owen

checking out the zebras

Owen overheard Chris and I discussing the camel rides that were available. So, he got it into his head that he just had to ride the camel that day. We’ve been down this road before and paid for tickets for him to ride various animals and then he chickened out so we didn’t really think he would do it. All day he talked about riding the camel so when we got ready to leave we thought we’d give it another shot. Chris paid for the ticket and gave it to Owen and he just marched up the steps to the attendant, handed her the ticket, and hopped on the camel. He had the best time riding the camel and even smiled and let me take his picture. Of course, he had an epic meltdown when it came time to get off the camel, but we were proud of him nevertheless!

checking out a bronze alligator

Owen in a cage….where he belongs most days!

checking out the antelopes

sweet Aiden

checking out the animals

We had such a great time at the zoo and got to see some pretty cool animals. Owen loved every minute of it and still talks about riding that camel!

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