Terrible Twos….the last hurrah

One of my biggest worries about our trip was taking Owen somewhere for such a long time that was Owen-proof. Stairs, breakables, no child safety locks….all I could think of was how much trouble he would get into. He really surprised us and only had two incidents over the entire trip. One….I caught on film.

We all stayed in Ashleigh’s room while we were there so we had a lot of stuff in one room including Aiden’s diaper bag. I was in the bathroom next door drying my hair and thought Owen was playing with the box of toys that he had in the bedroom. So, imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner and saw this:

yep….that’s Owen kneeling beside Aiden’s diaper bag covered in baby powder…..

…and that’s Owen lifting the heat/air register and scooping the baby powder down the vent…

baby powder+2year old+ceiling fan+open window = enormous mess!

the view of the diaper bag after the baby powder hurricane
It took a shop vac..towels…mop….wet cloths…and several loads of laundry to clean that mess up!

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