Owen – 3 years

Owen – you’re 3 years old! You had a birthday extravaganza this year with all of our traveling. You celebrated your actual birthday with mommy, daddy, brudder, Grammy, Papa, Stacy, Jacob, and Ashleigh and then had a party with the extended family the next day. Once we got home, you had a 3rd celebration with friends and family.

Your stats: you weigh 36 lbs and have really grown taller in the past year. You wore 2T shorts last summer and a lot of those fit you again this summer because you’ve grown taller and slimmer in the past 6 months. You now wear 3 and 4T tops and 2 and 3T shorts and size 8 shoes.

Your faves: you love Spiderman and we’re still not sure where you learned all about Spiderman but that’s all you talk about and want these days. You love pretending to be a horse, sheep, monster, dinosaur, etc. You like to pretend lots of things these days. Your vocabulary has really exploded and you’re so funny trying to put together more complex sentences. You’re constantly asking questions these days: “how are you?”, “what happened?”, “what’s your name?”, etc. You say new words and phrases all the time (“that’s amazing!”) and constantly crack us up. You love to dance and pose and just be silly.

You’re still not a good eater and pretty much eat: cereal, toast, sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, fruit, lots of cheese, crackers, yogurt, applesauce….and that’s about it!

You’re all boy and love to run, swing, climb, jump, ride your bike, play in the dirt, etc. You like to imitate daddy and are pretty much his shadow these days. You still call daddy “Chris” a lot but we’re working on it.

You’re making friends and are a great big brother. You’re so helpful and loving and Aiden adores you.

You’re starting preschool this fall and we’re looking forward to seeing you continue to grow and develop.

We’re seeing some of the terrible two behavior fade but a little attitude is starting to creep in as your personality and preferences continue to develop.

We love you Owen!

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