Happy Birthday Owen…Parts 1 and 2

As I mentioned, Owen had a birthday extravaganza this year. We spent his actual birthday with Grammy, Papa, Stacy, Jacob, and Ashleigh. Grammy and Papa rented a bounce house for the backyard for his birthday weekend. Owen and Jacob jumped nonstop for two days and had the best time!

Owen asked for an ice cream cake for his birthday so we all enjoyed this little one from a local grocery store

Owen with all of his Toy Story loot

The next day we all enjoyed a party with the entire family. Here’s Aiden with his great-grandmother and Aunt Patricia

Grammy put the chips/dip in a perfect spot for Owen. No one was really paying close attention so he managed to devour most of this by himself!

Owen received more gifts and enjoyed unwrapping things with a little help from Aunt Lizzie

after 2 days of jumping in the bounce house…no naps…and way too much birthday cake…someone was a little tired and cranky by the time we sang Happy Birthday again

everyone gathered outside for cake and ice cream

We enjoyed spending so much time with family and are so glad we could celebrate Owen’s birthday with all of you!

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