Centre Island

One weekend while we were in Canada we went over to Centre Island. We had a lot of fun walking downtown, riding the ferry, and riding the rides at Centreville.

The kids took their bikes to Centre Island so they got to ride them in downtown Toronto and onto the ferry

dowtown Toronto

a view of the city from the ferry

the ferry

Centre Island has an amusement park in the middle of it for young kids. Owen had a great time because he could ride all but two of the rides…and he did!

It was Owen’s idea to ride the ferris wheel….he’s such a daredevil these days!

a rare picture with me in it!

Owen was dying to ride this waterslide and enjoyed every second of it!

There was also a petting zoo on the island that was a lot of fun (Owen wore his bike helmet all day…even though we said he didn’t need to)

the island was so pretty and the weather was perfect

Our little daredevil was dying to ride the roller coaster

The last time I was at Centre Island was 8 years ago when Chris and I were dating and I visited Canada for the first time. It was nice to go back years later as a family of 4!

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