Eatin Meetin

The title is a shout out to my cousin Jon-David. When we were little and our family was much larger than it is now we had get togethers every month at different people’s houses. He always called them eatin meatins. Unfortunately we don’t get together now as often as we used to but we had a great old fashioned eatin meatin last weekend at Uncle Mike’s. The weather was perfect, the location was perfect, the food was amazing, and everyone had a great time! Here are just a few of the pictures from the day. I may put some more up tomorrow but I really need to go to bed so this is all I’ve got for tonight.

Reece and Owen comparing sticks

Owen and Missy down by the water

Until Reed and Aiden get a little bigger Owen is stuck playing with the girls. He loves them and doesn’t seem to mind!

Aiden hanging out on the deck

Owen being Owen

playing a solo game of horseshoes

the aftermath

Aiden and Aunt Jean

Reed and Nan Nan

Chris sleeping off all of the fish, crawfish, hushpuppies, fries, desserts….did I mention the food was AMAZING!?!

Owen eating cake which was all he ate all day! Notice Reed in the background coveting his food!

Everyone gathered on the deck visitin

Aiden laughing at Owen….an everyday occurrence these days!

The funniest picture of the whole day….poor Boots!

Reece and Owen playing some badminton

It was such a fun day and so good to see everyone. Definitely need to do this more often!

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