Snow Day 2010

All of my readers from the great white north will laugh when you see that we got out of school and the world shut down for this little amount of snow. Nevertheless, we have all enjoyed our snow day! Here are some pictures of our fun:

Chris and Owen had a great time building snowmen. Owen is still talking about it. He wants to be just like his daddy and imitated every move Chris made in the snow.

I love this one! He’s concentrating so hard that he needs his tongue out.

Chris’ crazy looking snowman

Owen’s cute little snowman….yes Owen is wearing the mittens from the Eyore Halloween costume…it’s the warmest thing we had…the poor child had to wear a hodgepodge of clothes since we don’t normally get weather like this

The snow was all melted by the afternoon so we are so thankful that we could play outside this morning and enjoy such a rare event!

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