Aiden – 1 month

Aiden you’re 1 month old! What you’re up to these days:
– sleeping – you’re starting to stay awake for longer stretches and love to just look around and give your brother crazy looks. At night you were sleeping 3-4 hours at a time but in the past few days you’ve started having lots of trouble with acid reflux so you’re not sleeping so well anymore.
– eating – you’re starving ALL the time and with your troubles gaining weight we’ve been supplementing with formula 1-2 times a day and you take 2-4 oz via bottle and nurse the rest of the time.
– You weighed 7 lbs 10 oz about a week ago when we went for a weight check. You are wearing newborn sized clothes and diapers but are starting to wear some 0-3 month clothes. You have a long torso and short legs just like your brother. Your dark hair has thinned out some but I’m holding onto hope that it won’t all fall out. We are almost 100% certain that your eyes are going to be blue like Owen’s and that makes me so happy!
– personality-wise you are very laid back and tolerant of everything that Owen wants to do with you and to you! Noise doesn’t seem to bother you and you just like to look around and take it all in. You’ve been to church for the last two weeks and done great. You are very sweet and we all love and adore you!

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