Owen @ 2 1/2

I want to take a minute to document all the fun things Owen is doing at this age since apparently I stink at keeping up with the baby book. I’m such a stellar parent that Aiden doesn’t even have a baby book yet! Here are Owen’s current stats:
weight: a whopping 35 pounds!
height: not sure about this one but he seems to be average for his age
He’s built like a linebacker with very broad shoulders and is as strong as an ox!

He’s doing great in daycare and has learned so much. We are thankful for Ms. Lois and Ms. Latrelle and the ministry at Wee Care….he loves his wowis and twelle!

Owen knows his colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. He can spell his name orally (can’t write it yet) and can recognize it when he sees it written. He knows tons of songs and LOVES to sing. We’re really looking forward to him being old enough to go to children’s choir this fall. His imagination is really flourishing and it’s so fun to watch the games he makes up. He loves animals and loves to pretend to be different animals (usually a dog, horse, cow, or sheep). He is really into watching movies these days and his current favorites are: Over the Hedge, Up, The Bee Movie, and Ice Age.

He’s very loving and sweet but is starting to develop a manipulative side….case in point: he has started telling us to close our eyes so he can do something he’s not supposed to do. He’s 100% B-O-Y and definitely keeps us on our toes but we wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world!

Pictures coming soon of Owen’s imagination at work!

One thought on “Owen @ 2 1/2

  1. aww how sweet!!! owen is precious! lol.. well ur not alone in the baby book blues… i have not TOUCHED shelby's since the week I was induced to have her!!! 😦 I guess my blog has sort of replaced that.. 😦 I do have her footprints and hand prints and other important papers shoved in her book but NO pics printed or anything…i'm horrible huh?!! theres not even any pics printed in frames …mom had one done for us in a frame of shelby and grandpa since he passed away in sept. but that's it.. ok so now i'm depressed at how awful i am 😦

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