It’s easy to forget just how much time newborns spend sleeping and it definitely seemed as if Aiden slept 24/7 (except for waking up every 2-3 hours starving!). This week he’s definitely spent more time awake and checking out the world. It’s amazing how different he already looks after just a few weeks!

It’s fun to watch how different Aiden’s personality already seems from Owen’s and his different likes/dislikes. Owen loved being naked and couldn’t stand blankets, socks, or footed sleepers. Aiden on the other hand HATES being cold. He screams and screams every time we have to change his clothes or diaper and heaven forbid we give him a bath. He loves socks and footed sleepers and snuggly blankets. Owen was very strong from day one and always seemed like he was ready to get up and run. Aiden is very laid back and just looks around like he’s taking it all in. Nothing seems to faze him….not even when his brother is centimeters away from his face talking in a high pitched baby voice…LOL!

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