Goodbye Paci….Hello Big Boy

We have been crossing things off the “big boy list” this summer. Owen moved to a big boy bed, potty trained, and the last item on the list was the paci. This is the one we were dreading the most. I saw this idea on another blog (thanks Leslie) and had to give it a try.

Here are the 3 pacis that Owen was in a bad habit of sleeping with…

I cut the tips off two (and saved the 3rd one in case of emergency!) while he wasn’t looking. At naptime one day when he asked for the pacis I brought them in and put on a big show of acting shocked that they were broken. The look on his face was priceless and it took all I had not to laugh. He was shocked and kept saying “oh no! I broke them!” I asked him if we should put them in the trash and he thought about it a minute and jumped up and ran to the trash can. He’s only asked for them twice since then and was satisfied when we reminded him that they were broken and in the trash.

I caught this cute picture one afternoon after we had battled it out over naptime and he refused to take a nap. This was several hours later after he had played outside and completely worn himself out. He slept like this for an hour.

So, we’ve conquered the “big boy list” and are starting daycare for the first time on Monday. Owen is a creature of habit and gets very upset when his routine is disrupted so this probably will not go well. Stay tuned…

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